Goa: Relaxation, Rejuvenation and Replenish

Hi All

Happy Thursday 🙂


The above image is anniversary special by Mr. Husband.

Goa Airport

It is 07:45 am, we are at Goa airport. Tiring journey but we finally reached here.

Slight wind passed through and left some refreshing feelings and whispered into the ears wake up.

On the way to hotel

From the airport we hired a taxi for the hotel, which is in North Goa. Goa is majorly segregate in two parts North and South. South Goa is all about Casinos, shopping malls and Church. But if planning to relax and enjoy the sea and its related activities, then, undoubtedly North Goa is the ideal place.

Colourful House

Goa is full of colourful houses, which are really eye soothing.

Just a glimpse of a Sea

River side view of the hotel we stayed in

Random Click of hotel

Innocent You

Wherever I go you follow and your innocence. Little thing I do for you and nobody else!!!!

To be cont……many more things to come, beaches, sand, fort…….







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