Goa: Morjim Beach – Evening Time

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Flashback though Goa is well known for its beaches. Some are famous for water sports and few are for being silent, but their silence is what their forte.

So out of many, one is Morjim Beach. If you want to relax, replenish and rejuvenate, then none other than Morjim Beach. Therefore, we intentionally stayed at north Goa Morjim Beach is about 6 KM distance from the place we stayed.It is home to a variety of birds and is a nesting site for Olive Ridley sea turtles. Recently, hunt sea. It is known for its being naïve.

“A beautiful face is a silent commendation”

 A boy sitting on the beach side during “Sunset Time”

Here’s the Moonrise along with the Sunset. This is the evening time view of Morjim Beach. I’ve seen many Sunset view but this is incredible. Ships voyage to multiple places via sea, but is that its journey to Sunset ? Sunset, Ships and Seashore, who would not like to experience these things. Hence, it was not only me but others too were enjoying and relaxing.

Ships Voyage

Never seen view, with the Sunset Ships are also trying to reach to the shore, before it gets dark and darker. Though I’ve been to many beaches in Goa but this view I’m only experiencing here. Small than medium and finally the big Ship, it seems they are following each other. On asking locals there, they confirmed to earn money they make their daily venture via ships.

This picture is really very close to my heart, as it is unbelievable view. Specially on the centre of the Sun that one Ship splendid view.

“Nature always wears the colors of spirit”

This Sunset is now letting the Moon to rise

Sun leaving all its colours behind Orange, Red and Yellow. Waves of the sea are getting high and the wind spreading all the way. Though it is getting darker but eyes still seeing the reflection of light that Sun is leaving behind.

Is that the Sun is saying Goodbye. But this should not end.

“To let go is not to deny, but to accept”

Burger Factory

After final adieu to Sun, it is all dark now and in search of light we reach to one point. I can feel soft light in surrounding as it is lamp everywhere. This place is burger joint by the name “Burger Factory” at Morjim Beach. You’ll find a different types of burgers over here, it is their speciality and also the ambience is really soothing and attractive too. Why soothing as it is on the beach side when high waves are moving the wind is passing by, on that the light music and light of a lamp.

So probably if we would have not visited to this place, so surely we would have missed  it.

With this the Morjim Beach journey is over. But Goa is still on…

Next Aguada Fort Goa…


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