Goa: Morjim Beach – Day Time

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Though, there are multiple beaches in Goa, some are naïve and some are crowded because of water sports or few other activities followed to that.

In spite of, words will get less while talking about Morjim beach, its beauty, its innocence and lot many things. Still I’ll take you to the world where eyes can see endless things and words will speak silently. We intentionally stayed at North Goa, because our purpose to get replenish, and to celebrate our anniversary at place where only the dreams surrounds us.

The Beach Takes my Heart to a Place of Serenity and Peace

Nothing soothes the soul like a walk on the beach. Here I’m Morjim Beach Goa. I’m caught in your love and I don’t want to be rescued. Next to you is my favourite place to be. So am I lost, please let me be there. Morjim Beach it is in North Goa. One of the recently discovered silently speaking beach.

“Sometimes beauty is hidden under the surface,

                               In order to find it, we must travel within”

The unforgettable image of Kapil, splashing water all around. Happy in his way.

Luggage too in a relaxing mood

Crab home probably what I think not sure

Fish n Feni

Afternoon lunch time, after searching out many restaurants. Finally we found one place where we can get rid of bad hunger. Kapil showing the way to Fish n Feni https://in.bisnzz.com/profile/Fish-N-Feni/b2778c4796152215db034d8e7746fc8d

In Morjim Beach one of the best restaurant, Fish n Feni. Varieties of delicacies, but the speciality is non veg.


Really loved the way of presenting this sandwich, which was not only mouth watering but also delicious.

Recharge Shake

I would have just taken a sip of shake, all of sudden my eyes caught a man diving. It is really daring, one should have lot of courage.

Following to this below are some more images of real heroes:-


Boats everywhere

One of the attraction, really fascinating when you stand nearby, you see kind of boats. Through, these boats Goan ( people of Goa called as Goan), do their daily venture to earn money.

In Goa you will find such benches, mostly in all the beaches. Tourists use these benches to sit and enjoy the sea view, to take sun bath and likewise.

Cherry on Top

Ice cream on beach, worked as “Cherry on top”. And made more special, when this man without even me saying, was ready for photography.


“We dream in colours borrowed from the sea”

Beaches love sand castle, when uniquely build by two little fairies. Their creative mind and hard work resulted to “Fairyland”

Day time MOON

Where on the one side when sun is about to set, on the other hand moon is about to rise. Have you ever seen day time moon. This was fascinating.

“It is not just a Sunset; It’s a moonrise too”

                                                        P.C. Cast


Hence, stay tune for moonrise……


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