“Coorg: Dubare the unforgettable journey”


Early morning Image from the terrace

Good Morning Everyone 🙂

With the beginning of this day, time to say Goodbye to  Madikeri. www.seabirdtourists.com driver asked us to be ready by 8:00 a.m. so to not to miss something very exciting, which is about to come. We had our complimentary breakfast by www.orchidvillacoorg.com  and all set to leave.

Dubare Elephant Farm : Kushalnagar

On the way to Kushalnagar, green prevails everywhere, long not ending road. On the sides, lot of coffee plantations, acquired by well known industries. Never seen only imagined view. Clouds touching the tops of the green trees. Small huts, kids are going to school. Adventurous activities falling in between Trekking, Gokarting and Paintball. Unfortunately, couldn’t click any picture as we were late by reaching to our destination.

Boat way to Dubare

This farm is on the banks of the river Kaveri, so the only way to reach to the farm is boat, which cost Rs 30 per person and rescuers are there to ensure we reach safely.

River Rafting Boats

During rainy season River Rafting is one of the major attractions in Dubare, down the Kaveri (Cauvery) river.

A cloud of tiny water droplets suspended in the atmosphere and in between that, I saw one baby elephant is taking bath.

“The Elephant World”

The elephant world, now we were also the part of it. We can make them bath, eat and ride on them. To maintain all the required necessities for this farm, there are certain charges of these activities. Rs 100 per person for elephant bathing, feeding it vary, depends upon how much you want to make them eat and riding also depend upon the number of persons.

Elephant bathing by Kapil

I’m ready now you can click (Elephant).While I was busy in exploring the entire farm, Kapil was busy in bathing baby elephant.

Kapil is going to drop baby home

Age no bar  (Kids, elders and eldest, younger and youngest. This place is for all age group. See how happy everyone around)

Time for brushing teeth

Rinsing mouth after brushing

One by one all the elephants get ready for bath

I’ll also take bath!!!!!!!

Now let me introduce to you with some of the heroes, without whom this farm would have not been managed.

Real Heroes

Fasten fetter

Many foresters employ these locks when they let their animals free in the jungle to prevent their being stolen. Also, this method allows these elephants plenty of freedom inside the forest.

Apart from foresters no one else from the outside is allow inside the forest, for the safety purpose.

Time to say Goodbye to elephants to www.dubarecamp.com , boat is coming to pick us. Hard to depart. Imagine our one whole day without speaking anything, but these animals their patience of being silent. And beyond anything their power of listening. To obey the command of the master.

Colours are fading

“Dubare the unforgettable journey”

“If you’re brave enough to say Goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello”

-Paulo Coelho







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