Coorg Day 1: Greenery, Water Fall, Temple and Sun

“From the diary of dreams, Coorg is one of the place”

Happy Saturday Everyone 🙂

Hope you all had a great love filled week.

It’s been almost years, I dreamt of and finally i’m here. Greenery, wild life, water falls, temple, spices, trekking, river rafting, adventure and peace is all Coorg. It is 237 km from Bengaluru, so approx 7 hrs, along with two halts. This is the on road distance by bus.

Random click Coorg view on the way

The unique tree of Coorg.

Kapil and me reached Madikeri, Madikeri is also known as Mercara, it is the headquarters of the district Coorg. As we reached during the lunch time, so we planned to have the lunch first at Fort Mercara Restuarant .This is positioned, in front of the Fort the name is Mercara, where we had their native delicacies.

The Fort Mercara

We booked online home stay, by the name “Orchid Villa” . It is a small feeling home, in between of the green mountain, with the garden outside and the heaven view from every window. Kitchen, where you can cook of your own, small temple, so that you can not miss your daily prayer. Dining area, sit together and eat together.

After lunch, we hired a taxi, for the entire trip, from the Coorg Travel World at reasonable price.Their service is excellent, expert drivers, really helpful and explicit. We settled our luggage and moved on.

If your stay is at Madikeri (Coorg), so the very first tourist place to visit is Abbey falls.

Abbey falls

White water falling from, black huge mountain.

Below are the images of the Abbey falls bridge. This bridge is blockade, because of the some damages in the end of the bridge. Also you can find the blockade reason written on the board, in their local language.

                                                                             Coffee Plantation

Coffee flowers and its beans, wanted to capture in a bulk. But due to the fences around, as most of the coffee plantations are now acquired, so visiting to them was next to impossible. Or the other way around, if you stay in one of them. They do have homestay inside.

On the way we met pup.

Kapil in affection, feeding her.

Omkareshwar Temple

It is restricting, to click pictures of this temple.The Omkareshwara Temple is a large and simple structure with a peaceful ambiance. A water tank exists inside the temple premises.A large number of fishes can be seen playing in the water of the tank at any time. As such, the tank attracts the attention of the tourists and devotees who visit the temple. Lady making tulsi leaves necklace, in belief people in Karnataka offers tulsi leaves necklace to God.

Coffee break Coorg’s special coffee to reawaken.As we started the trip early morning.

Ending the day.

  Sunset Point known as (Raja’s Seat)

Raja’s seat (Seat of the King).At this place King of Kodagu also known as Coorg, who use to watch the setting sun and spend time with their queens.

With the ending day, it’s time to say bye to Madikeri tomorrow morning leaving for Kushalnagar.

Wildlife here I come, till that stay tune 🙂



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