Coorg: Adieu to heaven

Hello Everyone 🙂

Be enough to see opportunities,

         Be wise enough to be grateful,

                          Be courageous enough to be happy.

                                          –   Dr. Steve Maraboli


It is time to capture, the leftover attractions of Coorg the heaven.

Spices, coffee, wines and other day to day grocery shops everywhere. They sell homemade products made of natural ingredients and these are the speciality of Coorg. There is a huge difference between these homemade products and the one which we use at our home, made of chemicals. These natural products, actually proved this saying true:-

              “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished”

-Lao Tzu

Nisargadhama is an Island formed by river Kaveri, the way is through the cross over bridge.

On the right side after crossing the bridge, I saw the crafted tree. The purpose of this is, that varieties of animals, are pleading to not to touch any tree or to try to destroy it.As this place is their home and destroying any of the tree, means we are demolishing their home.

Artisan shop

This is the jewellery and home decorative items shop, all the things are made of Sandalwood, Bamboo or Teak tree. These are really attractive and fascinating.

Lush foliage of thick Bamboo Grooves, Sandalwood and Teak trees

The river Kaveri is filled with varieties of Fish

On every walking distance, animal image crafted on a tree. By these paintings, foresters want to make us aware of this forest is full of these animals. So be careful.

Boating is also the activity follows to this forest.

Schools and Colleges students been taken over here, so to enhance their knowledge. Foresters and Teachers, describe them the purpose and history of this forest.

This forest also has a forest department run guest house and treetop Bamboo cottages.

Tree Shadowing Benches

A long seat for several people, so if you get tired seeing such a huge forest. Sit on this and relax for a while and enjoy the greenery.

Bylakuppe: Golden Temple

So far I was only aware about the one Golden Temple, which is in Amritsar. But after me, you all will be shock to know, that there is one more Golden Temple in India itself. Bylakupe: Golden Temple, this is a monastery and the name is Golden Temple, because of the golden paintings above the monastery.

The three statues of Lord  Buddha, 40 feet in height called Padmasambhava , Buddha and Amitayus

Above is the image of the inside of the temple, where all these three statues respectfully placed together.

 Student of the monastery

This is the dress of all the persons stay within this monastery. There simple living is the fund of being happy all the time and live the life with full enthusiasm.

Here I close the Coorg Diary. Will soon be back with the engrossing things.




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