Bannerghatta Part II – Finale

Hello Everyone,

Hope you all had a blast weekend, to keep its fragrance enjoy reading the finale Butterfly Park

After following the so on gates of herbivores and carnivores, forest Safari dropped us at the gate, which took us to the paradise. In my Imaginations diary, this place is now listed. And my Impressions following below:

Baba(My Father) and Kapil

Baba and Kapil, while entering to gate. Seems they are more excited, how leaving me behind and running towards to see what is the surprise.

I can see multiple colours like it denotes rainbow: Violet, Red, Green, Indigo, Yellow, Orange and Blue. But white has its own beauty, presence and place. In this colourful world, white is shining like a star. Flowers everywhere , variety of flowers. And likewise other colours are following:-

This is how we are welcomed at “Butterfly Park”

The Bannerghatta Biological Park ends at Butterfly Park. Butterflies everywhere of different colours.Seeing my effort, finally one ready to pose, or having flower nectar. No worries this is what I want that’s it. Keep going on:-

Where the beauty lie

It is where they stay, after whole hectic day making all efforts for leaving life. They sleep here and spend wonderful and healthy time with their sweet family.

Inside the park butterfly museum,  which will help one to increase knowledge about butterflies. Good for students, kids and everyone. The better the knowledge increase, the more the intelligent one is.

The way all ends, this also has to. But the essence will remain, its beauty will remain.
Everyone sees what you appear to be, Few experience what you really are.




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