Bannerghatta: Part 1

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” Bannerghatta”

One day while talking to my father on phone I found he was at National Park. My father he is a Govt. retired man but seeing his dedication and credibility he has been offered to continue. Though, he has to move from Lucknow (my native place) to Bengaluru. So while travelling through my father been to “Bannerghatta” Later he called me and gave vivid description of that place. This is how Kapil and me packed the bag and over here.

“Bannerghatta” Biological Park is situated at south Bengaluru, approx. 34.5 KM or 1 hr some minutes from the place I stayed at. This distance is from west direction of Bengaluru. And the road which we followed was the national highway known as Mysuru road or Husur road.

Husur Road

Although, Bengaluru is the place to visit in any season. But If you ask, then the best time is rainy season. It is all cloudy and foliage lush greenery. Clean and clear roads, just take me to the never ending way.

While waiting for safari

We entered and the very first animal catch my eye is Zebra. Despite being herbivore one of the powerful animal. Seems like just taken bath as shining like a star.

After tickets, we followed a huge tourists queue for safari. The image taken while waiting for safari. Appreciate employees very well manage everything. Since beginning till end, not a single moment is like I should miss.

Bannerghatta : in Bengali we call Ban (Forest) and Ghatta (Explore). So basically we are exploring forest (Bannerghatta). Benefit of being Bengali  haha 🙂

Finally we are in Safari and above image managed to take from inside the Safari. Journey begins with Herbivore and so on the gates keep following different animals.

Gaur also called Indian Bison

Wild cows, they are very strong with high convex ridge in the mid of their horns.

Bear with big nails and long hair and in search of something, roaming here and there. Many in numbers.


Bear and Deer together, in search of something, they better know.

Lion and Lioness

Showing their back to each other is that, they are husband and wife. Seems like angry not talking.

Please leave me alone, I want my time. What does he think of himself. Let me also see till what time he do not talk to me.

I’ve not done anything she is never ready understand. I’ll also not talk to her. Let her be her attitude.


This is the safari in which we are inside the forest. Father sharing his knowledge with kids.

White Tiger
Bengal Tiger

It is not I’m seeing any zoological park for the first time. It is just place is different and the way is different. I’ve never seen them so closely. The fear is still same only thing the heart beat increased. I can touch them. They are so dangerous but calm. Maintaining their dignity this is how they known King and Queen of this world.

When something undesirable grows in my soul, I ask God to give me the same courage, mercilessly to pluck it out

………Paulo Coelho


To be cont……Butterfly world part II

















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