About Me

Hello Everyone 🙂

Welcome to “Impressions of Imaginations”. My name is Tuhi, short form of “Tuhina” is a sanskrit name for girls meaning cold, snow…
Thanks to my parents for blessing me with this name.

My soulmate Kapil is very encouraging and a nature of his to get behind my life, is now resulted to this. Travelling around which i keep on revolve and whenever, come back from the trip, pen down the entire journey and paste all the “Impressions” images clicked, maintain a diary.

The dream of capturing the entire world, small things of it, in my camera and later maintain a huge diary, is something i live cause of. Therefore, now i’m encouraged to take a few hours out of schedule and illuminate my creativity. In my free hours, i’m often found writing on any of the favorite topic or give words to my thoughts. Reading my favorite writers books.

This blog is about the places i imagine of, visit there and the impressions of which is in front of you all. Billions of thoughts revolving in my mind hence, given the wings to my words, so to grow this blog.

Thank you for visiting my blog, i hope to seeing you often.